Hye and hope u guys have a nice day for today . Me proudly said that i'm a future engineer to be . To be a really2 dedicated and good engineer is not easy . I just got pointer 3.0 in my mid sem exam . so sad :((
but i realised that i should change for my sake . and also for my mom and dad's sake . I rejected the JPA's offer to study at Cambridge University , United Kingdom because i do not want to becoming someone else except ENGINEER . InsyaALLAH . 

that's is the Cambridge University where i should go . I want the scholarship but i change my mind to study at   Malaysia ONLY . so , i rejected the scholarship and struggling for another scholarship from JPA after i've finished my asasi at University of Malaya . There are another 6 months to finish it . Now , my final exam is just around the corner . Everyone gets stres and some still doing their same hobbies . Just "LAZY"ing , did not attend the classes , hangout with their boyfriend and girlfriend . Such a waste of time . 

My mission for asasi is i want to achieve the highest CGPA or pointer that i qualified to get . I know that i will not get 4 flat because my mid sem exam's result will influence my CGPA . So , if Faculty of Engineering of University of Malaya accept me to further my studies there , i strongly determined to get the first class honour of Engineering . I did not decide yet what course i will choose but it totally have to relate with engineering . 

my motivation comes from a story of an oil and gas engineer of University of Malaya . :))

♥ Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca Entry Sha ! Like Kalau Suka ! ♥


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